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A highly customizable suite of custom WinForms Scrollbar .NET Controls. Contains  both Vertical and Horizontal scrollbars

WinForms Scrollbar

WinForms ScrollBar Feature Highlights

A quick peek into some features...

What is Binarymission Custom scrollbar Control?

This is our custom WinForms .NET Control that can work as a ScrollBar, supporting both Vertical and Horizontal orientations, for any .NET scrollable .NET Control. 

why would i want to use it?

Have you ever wanted to set up beautiful & colourful scrollbars to your scrollable controls (like panels, etc.) that match up with your application’s colour theme?

Well, then you know by now that it is almost impossible to get that done with .NET Standard Scrollbars without, of course, writing your own scroll controls from scratch.

With Binarymission Scrollbars, you can!  Very easily too.

advanced features, rich design-time facilities, yet Simple to use

The Controls  come with rich design-time features, and is extremely easy to use.

If you know how to set properties on .NET controls, you are ready to use it.

You would simply drag/drop the controls into your Visual Studio Toolbox, and drag them on to your Form, and set any desired properties and configure the control for use, and simply using it as scrollbars for any other scrollable content control.

You could also run a live view of all user-experience effects, like scrolling, clicking the arrow buttons, moving the scroll box/thumb, all this from the Visual Studio Form design surface itself, so you can see the run-time effects without even running your application.


Supports setting custom size

The Controls support setting up custom Width and Height, for the Vertical and Horizontal mode Controls respectively.

You can also specify the exact desired size (and color) for the arrow glyph (when using the default/built-in navigation buttons mode).

Supports using Images for various parts

The Controls, by default, renders various parts of its UI with the built-in custom drawing.

Apart from that, the Controls also support using custom Images.

You could set the various parts such as the Thumb (scroll box), the Gripper, and Arrow scroll buttons to be rendered using your custom images.

Custom ScrollBars for WinForms .NET

More related .NET Controls In The Package - ready for use

To make instant use of our custom WinForms ScrollBar Control, the package contains some useful container controls that comes built-in with the Binarymission custom Scrollbar Controls as their scroll bar, so you do not have to write or wire up any event/code.

These Controls cover most of the use-cases of scrollbar usage as you will find below.

Custom WinForms Scrollbar

Supports Built-in Scrollbar ContextMenu

The Controls, by default, provides a built-in context-menu that enables ready-to-execute commands for scrolling.

The built-in scroll commands context menu can be set to display in either of the two modes:

  • Using standard ContextMenu component
  • Using Binarymission extended WinForms Menu component

But of course, you can switch-off the provided default context menu, and provide your own as well.


Instant replacement for the standard Scrollbar controls

This Control instantly replaces the standard .NET WinForms VScrollBar and HScrollBar Controls.

It raises all the very same events (and even more than) that of the stock scrollbar controls raise, so it makes your life easier to use it in your applications.

Unlike the standard .NET ScrollBar Controls, Binarymission custom Scrollbar Controls allows you to custom configure all drawing / rendering aspects of the visual/control, without writing any code (unless you want to take more control, of course).

You can either choose to simply set the appropriate colour properties and set images to let the scroll bar render as you desire, or alternatively even take full control of drawing the core aspects of the Control yourself by plugging in your custom implementation of our renderer interfaces.

Comes with ready-to-use themes - just simply plug-and-play!

The component provides out-of-the box,  the following styles of chrome rendering themes ready for use:

Custom pluggable Renderers

You could use the simple-to-use properties to set up all the colours size, etc, or alternatively, take full / partial control of drawing the various parts of the our custom scroll bar Controls easily, by plugging-in your own custom renderers.


No dependency on OS theme specific libraries such as uxtheme.dll, etc.

The component is completely custom written in order to provide (out-of-the-box) customisable drawing of the non-client areas, and hence there is no direct dependency on any OS theme specific libraries such as uxtheme.dll.

This means that you can use this library to present cool window forms applications with heavily customised non-client areas as you wish, across any Windows Operating system.

Full Customisation of look-and-feel

The Controls provide simple properties that allow:

  • customising the colours of every single aspect of the rendered artefacts viz., Thumb, Track and Scroll Arrow buttons
  • customisation of colours for rendering various states like Hot, Pressed, Normal and Disabled


The Controls support both orientations – Horizontal and Vertical.

Use cases

You will be able to use thse scrollbar Controls wherever you would normally use the HScrollBar and VScrollBar classes, and use to implement scrolling in containers that do not provide their own scroll bars (or even if they provide their own, you could switch them off and add this Control and wire up the scrolling using the Controls’ properties such as LargeChange, SmallChange, Minimum, Maximum, Position, etc.).

... and many more features!