Download Hypernova

Feel free to try out the features in our UI Components.

This is a 14-days evaluation version.

Download Hypernova .NET Controls Package
Download Hypernova .NET Controls Sample Projects

You will need an Evaluation License key if you want a copy of the Demo projects’ Source code. Please see here. 

Prerequisites for Hypernova .NET Components

.NET Framework 4.8 or later
Visual Studio 2019 or later

14-days Evaluation Time Period

The evaluation build is valid only for 14-days.

Apart from trying out the evaluation version of our .NET Controls, if you are interested in exploring our Demo source code package, you will need an evaluation license key for that.

You can request the demo projects’ source code license key by sending an email to Support

Thereafter, we will respond to your email address with an evaluation key, which you can also use to extract the downloaded Demo projects’ source code zip file which is license key protected (as its password).

Download Notes

The download file is just a .zip file that directly contains the content (i.e. containing the .NET Controls, sample projects, et al. organised into various folders).

There are no installers / setup to run. You can simply download the file and extract the contents directly to a desired folder, and it is ready to use.

You may need to unblock the zip file in your machine

Just ensure that once you have downloaded the .zip file, you right-click on the file, click on the Properties context menu item, and at the bottom of the General tab page, you will find the section named Security. Ensure you tick the Unblock checkbox and then click Apply.

Without the above action, Windows OS may not allow the contents to work properly.

Hypernova (Web)

Hypernova Web packages are automatically available to customers with:

Evaluation download of Hypernova (Web) components

Since Hypernova (Web) components packages come with access to its source code in some form (minified or otherwise), it is only available currently to customers planning to buy our Corporate or Blueprint edition license.

Therefore, if you are evaluating to buy our Corporate / Blueprint edition license, you will first need to sign the Ts & Cs + NDA agreements, before being able to download the web components packages from our registry.

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