Release Notes

Release v.2024.1

Hypernova .NET (across WinForms & WPF)

UPDATE: Maintenance release, includes minor fixes and performance improvements.
NEW: All of our .NET Component packages natively built & targeting .NET 6.0, .NET 7.0 and .NET 8.0 runtimes are now available as NuGet packages.
These are now available to all our retail licensed customers. They can now request for the appropriate .NET version package of interest if their applicaiton needs them.
Please note that this is in addition to the .NET Framework 4.8 targeting builds, which are already available to all customers, that is, both retail licensed and evaluating customers.

Release v.2023.9

Hypernova - WinForms

NEW: TabControl feature: New interface IPowerTabStripElementsRenderer introduced to help applications custom render the menu glyph, size it as needed per context needs, and also to choose between rendering glyphs or text for overflow visualizations.
UPDATE: TabControl: New property introduced to support providing for multiple tab header layout behavior switching, including to preserve the application defined Tab pages ordering even upon tab page selection from the overflow menu, etc.
UPDATE: TabControl: New event TabElementsLayoutChanging introduced to enable applications to perform custom operations including resizing the custom rendered overflow meny glyph.
UPDATE: TabControl: Overflow Menuitem click generated an extra docking refresh, which is now removed as part of optimisations in rendering.
UPDATE: Borderless Form/Window: New drawing optimzations and choices introduced.
Minor optimization updates in ScrollBar, MarkedScrollBar, DatePicker, TimePicker and Clock .NET Controls.

Hypernova - WPF

NEW: WPF Control introduced: SmartInfoPanel with more Flip & Rotation types
NEW: WPF Control introduced: SmartNavigator with extended animations
NEW: Resizing control - Resize gripper visibility toggling enabled
NEW: Resizing control - Animation enabled when opening drop-down visuals
UPDATE: Extended ScroViewer Control - Animation enabled when opening drop-down visuals
UPDATE: Extended ScroViewer Control - Scroller background supports extended gradient brushes
NEW: Tab Control - Many more new animations introduced
UPDATE: Tab Control - Dimmed state for tab control headers added


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