More .NET Controls

for WinForms

A collection of various powerful and features-rich custom WinForms .NET Controls

Feature Highlights

Clock .NET Control

The Clock Control is a highly customisable custom WinForms .NET control, that displays real-like modern and stylish Clocks that you can display in your applications, to show / visualise time in real-time (since the time handles move!)

Features include:

  • Extensively custimsable – well, make your fancy clock with our Control!
  • Renders customisable drop-shadows
  • Allows you to shape the Clock as you desire
  • Hour, Minute and Second hands are heavily customisable in terms of size, colour, and many more
  • Supports rendering Glass effects
  • Configurable border rendering: including configuring thickness,colour and border style
  • Background painting: using custom colours, including gradient painting
  • Many many features… the list goes on! Take a look at the screenshots (below)

Time Picker .NET Control

The Time-picker Control is a highly customisable custom WinForms .NET control that displays an exotic time display where by your users can pick the time by being able to pick/set individual pieces of the time (the hour, minute, and the seconds parts).

Features include:

  • Heavily custimsable – every aspect of the time picker artefact can be customised in terms of colour, font, border colour, thickness, and many more.
  • Renders custom drop-shadows
  • Configurable border rendering: including configuring thickness,colour and border style
  • Background painting: using custom colours, including gradient painting
  • Many many features… the list goes on! Take a look at the screenshots (below)

Advanced Label control

This is our custom label WinForms control that supports custom drawn artefacts, and allows you to setup a variety of settings such as display mode, orientation, colours, and many more options.

Features include:

  • Transparent background rendering
  • Multiple styles of rendering the labels: includes Horizontal and Vertical
  • When in Vertical mode, the text drawing can be set to any of the modes: viz., Top-to-Bottom or Bottom-to-Top
  • Supports UI property type editor in design-mode for setting multi-line string for its Text property
  • Configurable border rendering: including configuring thickness,colour and border style
  • Configurable drop-shadow drawing: including drop-shadow colour, depth / length
  • Background painting: using custom colours, including gradient painting

Post-It style Desktop Notes Control

An outlook style Post-It / note page custom WinForms .NET Control, that would float note tips on the screen.

Features include:

  • Microsoft Outlook style Post-It note floating window control
  • Out-of-the-box Window expandable corner gripper for the users to resize the the Control at run-time
  • Supports Moving of the Note window
  • Renders Header, Status bar and a choice of either a built-in Textbox or RichTextBox
  • Supports supplying your own header section for the Note
  • Supports several built-in Themes colours for rendering the window and other artefacts
  • Easy to customise the Control (including colours, Images, Fonts and background rendering)
  • Raises several rich events upon clicking, right-clicking and closing requests for the window

Windows Explorer style Navigation bar Control

This WinForms control presents the look-and-feel of the popular Windows XP navigation bar control.

Features include:

  • Popular XP Sidebar/Taskbar style Navigation system
  • Allows Extensive UI customisation of control’s elements
  • Rich design-time editing experience, and numerous properties to customise the control to your heart’s content
  • Automatic support for emulating XP theme rendering

HeaderPanel Control

This is our Outlook styled Header panel WinForms control.

Features include:

  • Multiple rendering modes: Includes Standard, XP and Glass style rendering
  • Supports Client area expand/collapse capability
  • Separate Header and Footer areas, header & footer can be rendered in any of the 4 different locations viz., Top, Right, Bottom, or Left
  • Includes our custom Scrollable container control that comes with its own fantastic features
  • Header can optionally contain a built-in command-menu area where you can configure and place any custom commands for users’ invocation
  • Comes with several out-of-the-box Colour themes for ready use
  • Rich design-time support

Outlook style Date-Picker Control

This is our custom Outlook emulating Date-picker WinForms control.

Features include:

  • Emulates the look-and-feel and behaviour of the popular Microsoft Outlook DatePicker
  • Out-of-the-box multiple rendering styles
  • Built-in null date/time support, including property to set your own custom string to represent that a date has not be currently set / selected
  • Supports Data-binding – so you can connect to your own data models for two-way binding
  • Full support for Internationalisation
  • Supports custom date-time formats, on top of the standard formats
    Optionally provides customisation command-menus
  • UI can be extensively customised for all rendering aspects (excepting size, since it has fixed size to emulate Outlook date-picker)
  • Supports customisation of drop-down calendar buttons
  • Control’s data feed is XML enabled, so you can feed various date to the control via XML
  • Built-in validation on date/time date typed-in by your users
  • Extended tool-tip displays
  • Highlight dates of your choice, with special colours/formatting

Office style Colour Picker controls

This is an Office style Colour picker WinForms controls suite. 

Features include:

  • Displays Office style Colour picker window as the drop-down, allowing users to select a colour of their choice
  • Comes built-in with a Flat style Colour Picker ComboBox, and Colour Picker DropDown controls
  • Support configurable display styles
  • Just simply drag-and-drop from the toolbox, and its ready to go. The default configuration will automatically work for you
  • Allows heavy customisation, if you want to customise further

Office style SuperTooltip WinForms Component

Features include:

  • Office SuperTooltip style appearance and functionality
  • Rich design-time editing support and Super Tooltip property extensions
  • Built-in custom written UITypeEditor to enable you to configure its extendee control’s various extended properties
  • Partial or complete owner-draw support – take full control of the painting process if you want
  • Display at user defined screen location
  • Predefined colour schemes, ready to use by simply setting a property
  • Extensively customise the tooltip by setting up the various / numerous properties available to you

Advanced Tooltips for WinForms

Features include:

  • Multiple rendering modes: including Balloon, circular, Rounded rectangle modes
  • Supports rendering tooltip title, image, drop-shadow effects
  • Supports automatic adjusted rendering for multi-line support for tooltip body text
  • Automatic tooltip location management
  • Includes PointToolTips: This component enables displaying tooltips on any screen location of your choice
  • Supports customising all aspects of rendering
  • Predefined colour themes
  • Rich design-time support

Advanced Menu component for WinForms

Features include:

  • Includes rendering menu items in groups, and supports rendering group header
  • Rendering options includes XP, Windows 7 / 10, Office and Glass themes

Advanced Button control (SmartButton) for WinForms

Features include:

  • XP, Vista / Windows 7/10 styled themes (without having to setup the respective OS manifests) even in non-XP / Windows 7/10
  • Supports rendering as a Glass button
  • Supports displaying images / icon along with their Alpha-channel information
  • Includes a special MenuButton style
  • Numerous properties to heavily customise the control
  • Rich designer support

Advanced Checkbox, Radiobutton controls for WinForms

Features include:

  • Numerous properties to heavily customise the controls
  • Built-in mouse hovering effects

Stylish Numeric and Domain Spinner controls for WinForms

Features include:

  • Supports customising border colour and the internal spin area rendering colours
  • Supports several mouse hovering effects
  • Numerous properties to heavily customise the control

Advanced Textbox control for WinForms

Features include:

  • Supports customising border colour and styles (including dotted border)
  • Several mouse hovering effects
  • Contains an advanced Numeric Text box control
  • Built-in border blink feature
  • Numerous properties to heavily customise the control

Scrollable PictureViewer Control for WinForms

You could use this custom Control instead of the standard .NET PictureBox Control, and thereby enjoy a more aesthetically beautiful scrollable viewing of images.

Simply drag/drop the Control and set its Image property with a desired image, and you are ready to use it.

See (below) some screenshots of our Scrollable PictureViewer custom Control in action.

... and many more features!