Zoom & Pan

for WPF

A standalone control capable of Zooming and/ or  Panning any FrameworkElement

Zoom and Pan - Overview

Zoom & Pan .NET is a standalone control capable of Zooming and Panning any FrameworkElement for the WPF, Silverlight and Windows Phone .NET applications.

Powerful customisation options

The control has several configurable features including, being able to set:

  • Custom Zoom factor
  • Custom Maximum and Minimum zoom depth
  • Enabling or disabling Panning
  • Enabling or disabling automatic zoom out, based on a particular key
  • Custom keyboard key for automatic zooming out

Easy to use. No procedural code needed

No code-behind needed nor any event handlers for setting up the control. A simple XAML fragment is all is needed.

For enabling Zooming and Panning on any FrameworkElement instance, all you will need to do is to set that target instance as the content of the Zoom & Pan control in your XAML.

There is no other setup needed in your code.

Powerful content hosting capabilities

The control can host any content for zooming and/or panning; videos, grids, any ItemsControl, or any FrameworkElement instance for that matter.

... and many more features!