Watermark TextBox

for WinForms

A highly customizable Watermark enabled custom TextBox .NET Control.

Feature Highlights

A quick peek into some features...

Ready to use Watermark textBox. Easy to use and customize

This a custom .NET TextBox Control,  and behaves like a standard .NET TextBox Control, additionally providing the Watermark facility.

Text modes: Supports both Single-line and Multi-line text modes.

Easy to customise: Simply use the properties on the control to customise all aspects easily: including the watermark text, its fore-colour, Watermark background colour, watermark image, control border colour, font, etc.

Advanced capabilities: Supports Custom plug-in

Using the Control’s advanced features, you can plug-in your own custom renderer (if you want) for further customising various aspect of the watermark UI rendering and behaviour.

... and many more features!