Panel .NET

for WinForms

Modern Panel .NET Control that comes built-in with our Custom ScrollBar .NET Controls for delivering fantastic UI & UX

Feature Highlights

A quick peek into some features...

Beautiful Panel control, comes built-in with our custom ScrollBars & ContextMenu components

Simple. The following particular features alone will be of great value to your applications, viz.,

  • Comes readily integrated with our custom ScrollBars Controls, for scrolling the panel’s view
  • Our scrollbars controls have a lot to offer, in terms of heavy customisation, including being able to set custom sizing, colours and using images in the scrollbar too, apart from various other features it provides
  • The panel control comes built-in with various themes that you can readily use to suit your application’s skin / colour scheme, without having to write a single line of code.

Just imagine how hard it will be to remove the default windows scrollbars from the standard .NET Panel control, and try and replace the scrolling capability with a custom scrollbar, in order to make the panel and scrollbars look aesthetically similar.

With our Panel control, you get all that built-in, and ready to use, with nothing more to do than just instantiating our control, customise the UI extensively as much as you need (just by setting its properties), and you are ready to see the awesomeness in action!

Features packed!

  • Customizable scrollbars
  • Full customization of look-and-feel
  • Supports setting custom size for the scrollbars
  • Supports built-in Scrollbar custom ContextMenu
  • Pre-defined themes, ready for use
  • Great design-time experience

... and many more features!