Navigation bars

for WinForms

A highly customizable Outlook styled Navigation Bar custom Control.

Feature Highlights

A quick peek into some features...

Provides Outlook Navigation bar style appearance

The Control emulates the Outlook style Navigation bar in terms of the look-and-feel and behaviours, and in addition provides a lot more customsation possible.

Outlook Navigation bar styled appearance, with expand / collapse features

The Control emulates the Outlook-like Navigation bar expand / collapse feature set.

By setting simple properties, the Control can give you the feature of Outlook style collapsing/expanding of the Navigation bar, and also being able to display selected navigation header area in a floating window while keeping the control in collapsed state.

Powerful design time support, with many command items in the designer-action list

The Control comes with strong design-time support.

For enabling easy setup of all crucial and important properties, the control implements custom code to support displaying these properties via the design-time smart tags UI – i.e. the designer actions list pop-up.

Office styled "glass" theme rendering

The Control supports two different rendering themes, viz.,

  • Outlook style rendering, and
  • Office Glass style rendering

In the screen-shot below, you can see the Control emulating the glass style rendering mode.

You can switch between these two rendering modes (in both design-time and at run-time), by setting one simple property in the Control.

Customisation of chevron menu-item selection background color

Custom theme rendering

Apart from being able to emulate the Office theme colours, the control also supports rendering custom themes as well, thereby allowing you to set theme rendering custom colours of your choice.

... and many more features!