Advanced ImageListBox

for WinForms

An exotic customisable .NET Control that provides beautiful UI artefacts and renders a checkbox enabled image-listbox control, with advanced UI capabilities.


Feature Highlights

A quick peek into some features...

Advanced ListBox User-interface

The Control is designed from ground-up to provide an exciting rich modern User-interface to display list of data items.

The anatomy of the control includes:

  • (Optional) A check-state, which can be represented by a (built-in) check-box, or even a by a custom supplied check/uncheck state images
  • (Optional) An item Image, that is positioned just after the check-state (or as the first item if the item’s check-state feature is not enabled)
  • (Optional) An item title
  • (Mandatory) An item content text (that can run to multiple lines), and which can be custom formatted too if you need, and
  • (Optional) An item mouse-hover annotation User-interface artefact / image
    (Optional) A side-bar that will be drawn at the left hand side of the item, whenever an item is in mouse hover or is currently selected.

The Control supports automatic Multi-line text for Item content text and title text.

The Control provides for rich customisation of its user-interface on various counts, including:

  • Mouse hover background/foreground colours and gradients customisation : This allows to you to setup different colours and gradients for different visual states of the items such as Selected, Un-selected, Hovered, Disabled, read-only, etc.
  • Image can be configured on a per item basis
  • Item check-state size can be configured so that the UI representation of it (be it the built-in check-box or a custom image) can be customised for its size (width and height)
  • The mouse-hover annotation can be customised such that you can display a custom image that can be displayed when the mouse pointer hovers over the item, and this can be setup on per item basis
  • The Side-bar width can be configured to any width size, and also its colours, border thickness, and the sidebar fill colour and gradient factor for its drawing brush
  • The Item’s border thickness can be configured, and so is the border colour. Also different border colour can be set for different visual states of the item.
  • Gap/spacing between items also allowed to be customised
  • Item level tool-tip drawing can be customised too. The control draws item specific tool-tip when mouse pointer hovers on it and draws a rich user-interface tool-tip by itself by default, but it also allows your code to intercept a tool-tip specific event and handle it in order to custom draw the tool-tip by your own application code
  • Item annotation click event is raised by the control so that your application code can custom handle it to perform some application specific commands when the user clicks on the annotation image

Rich User-Experience & components

A custom designer class is implemented as part of the Control library that allows design-time interaction with the Control’s features (i.e. while the control is in the design mode in the Visual studio IDE designer), including:

  • individual list item selection
  • scrolling of the control’s content / items

Many more aspects that can be configured

Some of the exciting aspects that you can set up include:

  • Customising the Item side-bar drawing
  • Full-view and Partial-view mode of Items display
  • Automatic different sized item rendering
  • Building the Items with just simple strings, and use plenty of content format customisation options
  • Built-in Alternate Items drawing feature
  • Extensive and simple to use customisation properties and Method APIs
  • Extensive events to subscribe

... and many more features!