Advanced Groupbox

for Winforms

A highly customisable group-box custom .NET Control that provides many shapes and customisation possible.

Feature Highlights

A quick peek into some features...

Features-heavy Groupbox Control. Easy to use and customise

The AdvancedGroupBox is our custom Control that works as a features-rich, extended and instant replacement for the standard .NET GroupBox control.


Features include:

  • Customisable border colour and styles (including dotted border)
  • Customisable border thickness
  • Customise separate font for Header text and the rest of the groupbox control if you desire
  • Supports drawing the Group-box background with either Linear gradient brush or a solid brush, with colours that you can choose
  • Supports drawing the Groupbox’s Header text area with border and a background with header section border thickness and customisable colour
  • Allows customising the left and right margin around the group-box header text
  • Allows customising the padding for the group-box border
  • Choose between drawing the group-box border to any location in the control – i.e. left aligned or right-aligned, or even centre-aligned

Groupbox can be rendered with differing border styles & thickness, colors and linear-gradient background brush

Groupbox control instances can be rendered with different border colours and linear-gradient background brushes

Groupbox control instances can be rendered with different border thickness and header text alignments

Groupbox control instances can be rendered with a custom specified left and right margin for the header text

Groupbox control instances can be rendered with Dotted border style, with varying levels of Border depths & gaps

Many more advanced customisations are possible too.

See the following screenshots below for a few examples of customisations that cab be applied.

Many more exotic shapes for Groupbox is also made available.

... and many more features!