Published my custom GPTs! Play with it and Enjoy!

My Custom GPTs

I’m thrilled to share with you a milestone on something I have been working on ever since OpenAI had announced the GPTs.

I’ve officially launched the first set of several of my custom GPTs on my Binarymission website.

This little project has been a really exhilarating ride from conception to execution. Really enjoyed creating them.

Where Are They?

You can find my published GPTs here in this website. As I make available more of them, they will all be available listed there.

What more? The custom GPTs now also have the audio enabled, meaning the GPTs will read it aloud for you!

Read Aloud GPTs

Go ahead and use them now. I guarantee you, you will find all of them very useful.

Next Steps

I will be updating my custom GPTs very frequently over time with even more custom knowledge.

Also, I am working on many more custom GPTs of course :), and the next versions & creations will include my custom actions / lots more custom knowledge built-in, and more fun GPTs too.

I am also looking forward to creating AI-based products with any custom offerings Google Gemini and Tesla Grok AI will bring over time.

Have fun!