Binarymission Technologies Ltd., a UK company, incorporated in November 2002, is a privately owned software development and consultancy company based in England, Great Britain.

Company registration number: 04583530. Company incorporated and registered in England and Wales, Great Britain.

Company Registered Office Address: Optionis House, 840 Ibis Court, Centre Park, Warrington WA1 1RL, Great Britain.

UK VAT Id: GB 847408995

Owner & Software Author

My name is Sundaranarayanan Subramaniam (just call me – Sundar), and I am the owner and Director of Binarymission Technologies Limited, UK, and am the author / developer of the software products that I publish in this website.

I am a Software Architectconsultantmentor and trainer, with over 20 years of experience in custom software development.

My Custom Software Development

I have a special love for beautiful-looking artefacts (like, the Nature itself!), and when it comes to Software artefacts – the User Interfaces (where I get lots of opportunity to sprinkle my mathematics skills too), and have been developing & publishing UI components continuously for over 20 years now, and I will be doing it for a long time to come.

I spend a lot of my time designing and developing UI & UX Components & libraries across frameworks / platforms, including Desktop (WinForms, WPF, UWP) and Web (Angular, React, ASP.NET Blazor, Framework agnostic WebComponent(s) / Custom Elements tech.)which are used by several companies worldwide.

I am fully dedicated to building my software products, and online-training (coming soon), and spend a lot of time on them (and of course, on my love too).

So, rest assured… you are in good company! :), and I am here to create and publish lots of products, for a long time to come!

My Online Training (coming soon!)

I have done a lot of technical training for years, for various my customers (for both my products & consulting customers) -. and now I have decided  to start producing my training videos for direct purchase by general public too!

I will make more information available soon on my plans on this, the subscription model I am thinking about and the topics I will start producing to start with, etc., in my dedicated Technical training page in this site.


I have also consulted and helped a variety of enterprises internationally for over 2 decades (and in the U.K. specifically, for the past 20 years) with full-stack software development, practising SOA and RESTful architectural styles, and developing Microservices and MicroUI / MicroFrontend based architectures & solutions using Azure & AWS platforms, with Kubernetes based Cloud Computing solutions.

What More I Do

I am also into developing Games, iOS & Android Apps, Blender models and Environments that can be used in games and VFX / Movie projects (be it in Unity, Unreal, Maya, et al.).

And Finally, a word about my love : )

I am a Mathematician and a Physicist too, specialising in Mathematics (especially Pure Mathematics), Quantum Mechanics, Data-science, Astrophysics and Cosmology.

I am wedded to Mathematics 🙂 well before I am wedded to my wife… and yes, those are indeed my wife’s own words about me! Ha! 🙂

All in all, I am just a curious person!… and am always staring deep into the Cosmos (literally, metaphorically, and mathematically speaking!) hoping to that one day, when I will unravel some (if not all) of the key secrets of the Cosmos!

Welcome aboard!

Welcome on board, and see if anything I provide interests you, and enjoy!