Website ready! Wahoo!

Drum rolls.... my shiny new website is now ready!

As the title says :)… All done… I have now completed building my new shiny web site, and is now ready for use! Enjoy!

I have been wanting to do a new website for Binarymission for a long time… really, for a very long time, but never found the time to put it in action.

Finally, I thought I will get that long time personal wish–list item done now 🙂 …as a little treat for myself, by building it brick-by-brick! It has taken some time for me to write it, but, hey, its here now!

Also, I am yet to bring in all of my earlier blog posts (several years’ posts )… but that is going to take some time.

Having said that, I even wonder if that is really needed going forward. Perhaps, I can post it under an archive list of some sort.

I will think about that.

Have fun!


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