Hypernova (Web Components) Released!

New Web components package released!

Hypernova for Web

Drum rolls! 🙂

I have now released my new shiny Hypernova Web components package for building Web applications.

This release contains several components for use across your projects using Angular, React an ASP.NET Blazor.

If you are using any other framework such as Vue.js, or do not use any UI framework at all and/or are developing with just plain vanilla Javascript / Typescript + HTML 5 / CSS3, then fear not – I have covered it for for you guys too!

Welcome to my WebComponents version of my components.

The WebComponent version of the package contains components that I have built using WebComponent & Custom Elements specification, and therefore you should be able to use these components in your plain Javascript / Typescript / HTML 5 applications too. 

Have fun!

Hypernova Web packages are automatically available to customers with:

If you are evaluating to buy our Corporate / Blueprint edition license, you will first need to sign the Ts & Cs + NDA before being able to download the web components packages from our registry.


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