Hypernova (09/Aug) Release Updates

Latest Release Update

I have just released a minor features update and maintenance release of Hypernova (WinForms) edition.

1. New features and rendering optimisations in the new NET Controls:


2. Updates to the Tab Control, introducing a property for you to be able to set if tab-page close button should be rendered or not, and other rendering updates.

3. Added optimisations to the Outlook style DatePicker Control’s data-binding feature to cope with certain recent Windows updates aspects around OS calls vis-a-vis data model update calls.

More News

Currently I am very busy developing my brand new Angular, React & ASP.NET Blazor class library components & WebComponent-ising them as well :)… I don’t have an ETA for its release at this time… but stay tuned! Its all coming 🙂

Have fun.


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