Release Notes

UIControlSuite .NET edition Release 20


New WPF & Silverlight 5 .NET controls


  • WPF Ribbon Backstage menu Control
  • Standalone Office 2010 style Backstage Tab control (that can be used outside of Ribbon control)
  • New Metro style Tile control (Windows 8 style) for WPF & Silverlight:
  • Radial Layout control: This helps in rendering circular shaped layout of child items, useful in customising and rendering artefacts such as Gauges, progress bars, and many more.
  • Numeric Spinner / Updown for WPF
  • Domain Spinner / Updown control for WPF
  • A new Visual Studio 2010 Template for automating the WPF application project setup for our WPF Ribbon control
  • New slide transition effects for Slideshow control (for WPF and Silverlight 5)
    • Color blending effect
    • Pixelating effect
  • The standalone Effects library for WPF & Silverlight 5 stands updated with the new effects
    • Color blending effect
    • Pixelating effect
  • Smart TextBox control: Features include:
    • Watermark ability: You can set any content piece as the watermark (image, text, etc.), and be able to set a custom template to render it as well.
    • Expandable border
    • Dependency properties to set up colouring of control background for invalid input; includes optionally being able to setup simple properties to perform blinking borders, animating the background colour rendering, and displaying an information tooltip as a drop-down tooltip piece of content.
    • “Alert Flag” visual rendering on the control: to hint an alert
    • Built-in Eraser control feature, to visually be able to erase text data on the control
    • Supports a custom regular expression to be supplied to let you decide what text can be allowed to be input by the user.


New Windows Phone 7.5 controls


  • Radial Layout control: This helps in rendering circular shaped layout of child items, useful in customising and rendering artefacts such as Gauges, progress bars, and many more.


New / Enhancements WinForms .NET controls


  • WinForms custom Scrollbar control enhanced to render separate colours on the track area to differentiate between scrolled area and the “yet to be scrolled” area.


Enhancements to existing WPF, Silverlight, Windows Phone 7.5 & WinForms controls


WPF Ribbon control


  • The Ribbon control suite now has new controls:
    • Numeric spinner
    • MS Office style expandable gallery
    • Extended Textbox
  • WPF ColorPicker control’s additional colors view is now customizable for both border thickness and its brush.


WPF TreeListView control


  • The control now supports multi-selection of items via a simple to use property.
  • The control also exposes the underlying multi-selected hierarchical items via a new property.
  • The property IsMultiSelectionEnabled when set to true enables the ability to do multi-selection of items with the Ctrl (key) + selection.
  • The new property IsShiftMultiSelectionEnabled when set to true will enable multiple-selection of items using Shift (key) item selection as well (along with Ctrl key + Item selection behaviour).


Other enhancements


  • Virtualizing Wrap Panel control assemblies are built targeting Silverlight 5 runtime
  • Zoom & Pan control assemblies are built targeting Silverlight 5 runtime, and have been enhanced to Windows Phone 7.5 (OS7.1)


Bug fixes


Minor bug fixes have been made on the following existing WinForms .NET controls:


  • PowerTabstrip control
  • Explorerbar control
  • Panelbar control
  • SmartButton control
  • Multi-column combobox control



UIControlSuite .NET edition Release 18.5


New .NET Controls:


Three new WinForms .NET control have been introduced in this release.


1. New WinForms control "ScrollBar" has now been introduced


This new Scrollbar control allows you to customize the look and feel & colors for every single drawing aspect of the scrollbar control.

Supports both Horizontal and Vertical orientations.


2. New WinForms Panel control SmartScrollablePanel has been added.


This control provides all the features of the standard WinForms Panel control, and additionally adds the feature of customizable Scrollbar controls, so you can match the panel colors with the scrollbars in the control (which is not possible in the default standard WinForms Panel control).


3. New Scrollable PictureBox control has been added.


This new PictureBox control supports customizable scroll bars, so you can keep the scrollbar colors in sync with the picture viewer control.



New Sample projects


Added 54 new Sample C# Projects across various .NET controls in the package.



.NET Controls enhancements:


Tree-ListView .NET control for WinForms:


The following enhancements have been done for the WinForms Tree-ListView control:


1. Sorting of data when in data-bound bound - The control will now by default the control will now sort based on the UID column data when the control is run in data-bound mode - i.e. when you use the HierarchicalDataSource property.

2. Busy indicator text rendering: A new feature of displaying a suitable text to indicate the control is busy preparing data, has been introduced when the control is busy preparing data for the hierarchical data source - (i.e. when in data-bound mode).

Whenever you set the HierarchicalDataSource property, the control will display a buss indicator text while it is buss preparing the nodes for the new data.


This feature is customizable, through some new properties introduced in the control, viz.,


BusyIndicatorText : This is of type string and you can set the text you want the control to display. By default this is set to : “Processing data… please wait…”

BusyIndicatorTextBackColor - sets the backcolor of the drawing area for the text. By default, this is set to SystemColors.Window

BusyIndicatorTextForeColor - sets the forecolor of the busy indicator text. By default, this is set to SystemColors.WindowText

BusyIndicatorTextFont - sets the font for the busy indicator text. By default this is set to SystemFonts.DefaultFont.



DatePicker control for WinForms:


1. Added new images for the built-in drop-down button image


2. Date-picker drop-down button "glass rendering" feature now has customization options to set up custom start, end and arrow drawing colors


ComboBox control for WinForms:


1. New property introduced to enable Customization Of Column Display In Multi-Column "Auto-Suggest" Mode.

Note that the full multi-column mode already supports this feature.

This specific enhancement is just for the "auto-suggest multi-column mode".


2. Two new properties have been introduced to support rendering the control border with a custom color when teh control is not in input focus.

The new properties are:


CustomControlBorderColorWhenNotInFocus (of type Color)

CustomControlDropDownButtonFillColorWhenNotInFocus (of type Color)


2. New enhancement to support an extended Read-only mode.


With this new feature, the control not only will prevent user from typing into the combobox text-area, but will also not allow the user to change the data in the control by changing index via mouse wheel, page up/down, arrow key up/down and also by selecting from the drop-list.

This feature is available across single and multi-column modes.


Tab control for WinForms:


Several new helper API methods introduced, including API to rearrange the tab pages.



Bug fixes:


Date-Picker control for WinForms:


1. FIXED: The date-picker legend drawings were a couple of pixels away from where they should be.

2. FIXED: The date-picker drop-down button had a one pixel non-transparent drawing at the top right and bottom left.


SlideShow for WPF, Silverlight:


FIXED: Minor bugs with Storyboard when performing transition during SlideShow.


Combobox control for WinForms:


FIXED: In Multicolumn auto-suggest mode, the drop-down would be displayed until Escape key is hit.

Now the popup display closes once you tab out of the control.

This does not affect the full multi-column mode, in which the popup display would close automatically correctly the moment the combobox control lost its focus.


Tab control for WinForms:


FIXED: Rearranging the tab pages in code (API call) had a drawing glitch specifically when one or more of the specified tab pages were currently not in visible state.




UIControlSuite .NET edition Release 18.2


Virtualizing Wrap Panel v8.0 Enhancements


The Virtualizing Wrap Panel for WPF, SIlverlight and Windows Phone 7 control stands enhanced with some new features like so:


Rendering related enhancements:


These new properties enhance the control’s Grouping related rendering capabilities. These properties now give you the power to fine tune the pixel level details of rendering the virtualized grouped view:


  • CustomExtraSpacingBetweenGroupHeaderRowAndDataItemRow
  • CustomExtraSpacingBetweenGroupRenderingCompletionAndGroupHeaderRowRenderingBegins
  • IsRenderItemDimensionHeightSpacingBetweenGroupHeaderAndDataItemRowEnabled
  • ShouldRenderItemHeightSpacingAfterAGroupHasBeenRendered
  • ShouldRenderExtraLineBeforeHeader



UIControlSuite .NET edition Release 18.1



WinForms Advanced combobox control enhancements


Multi-column combobox supports out-of-the-box rendering of formatted column data: includes Currency, Integer, Decimal, etc.



UIControlSuite .NET edition Release 18


New WPF Tab control


This will be a customisable Tab control that is ready to use out-of-the-box.

Its got several styles of rendering including Visual Studio style, Diamond, Trapezium, and a host of others, and currently supports two orientations (Top and Bottom).


Refer to more detail on this control here.


New WPF & Silverlight control: PanAndZoom provider


PanAndZoom is a new control for WPF & Silverlight, and as the name indicates clearly, the control provides Panning and Zooming service to any FrameworkElement.


The control has several configurable features including, being able to set:


  • Custom Zoom factor
  • Custom Maximum and Minimum zoom depth
  • Enabling or disabling Panning
  • Enabling or disabling automatic zoom out, based on a particular key
  • Custom keyboard key for automatic zooming out


Full product details is here: Pan and Zoom control for WPF & Silverlight


Enhancements to existing WPF and Silverlight controls


  • Several new slide transition effects have been added for the Slideshow control
  • Flowchart / Organisation chart control now supports Zooming and Panning out-of-the-box
  • Flowchart / Organisation chart control now supporting out-of-the-box printing facility (including printing into multiple pages).


General maintenance, bug fixes across controls in the suite, including:


  • FIXED: Slideshow Raindrop effect in Win7 64-bit did not work sometimes, now fixed.
  • FIXED: Slideshow repeating the last slide twice if you moved directly to the last slide when the slideshow begins
  • FIXED: An extra pixel unit of border that was being rendered in the left hand side of the Ribbon tab item
  • FIXED: WinForms TreelistView item rendering flickers when performing mouse-move when using the advanced gradient color rendering mode for items.



UIControlSuite .NET edition Release 17


VirtualizingWrapPanel enhancements (v 7.0)


Custom item dimension / sizing


The child items content hosted in the control can have differing size of Height and Width values.

The control is capable of rendering differing item sizes (with a maximum size specified via the ItemDimension property), and still can render it virtualized and support grouping, filtering and sorting on the children items.



UIControlSuite .NET edition Release 16


VirtualizingWrapPanel enhancements (v 6.0)


  • Group header summary row rendering
  • Group header is fully customizable via custom data template; the data to be rendered is made available to the template via its DataContext by the control
  • A new property ItemPositioningMode has been introduced, with two possible options: Greedy and Safe to manage the available space for rendering the virtualized child items
  • Virtualization performance improvements across mouse wheel, keyboard and scrollbar scrolling user actions.



UIControlSuite .NET edition Release 15.5



VirtualizingWrapPanel enhancements (v 5.0)


New features added in this release:


  • Grouping enabled, even when doing virtualization, including Advanced group header rendering options
  • A new option of aggressive memory management feature has been introduced. (via the control’s property VirtualizationSchemeOption to AggressiveDisposeAndCollectionOnLeavingViewportBounds)


A new Windows Phone 7 (WP7) Control


This release contains a new Virtualizing Wrap Panel control for Windows Phone 7 (WP7) platform.


Just like its WPF and Silverlight counterpart, this new WP7 version of this control will also support transactional updates to data sources, and the ICollectionView Filtering and Sorting:


  • Transactional updates to data source:

          This will mean the control’s virtualization engine will support the transactional edits to the ItemsControl’s items source data, and the control will automatically re-virtualize/realize the contents for rendering in its viewport.

  • Dynamic update of the viewport, based on Filter and Sort:

          The control is now capable of dynamic and automatic re-virtualization / realization of child items for re-rendering in the view port, on dynamically filtered and sorted data (for ICollectionView data sources)


Ribbon control


  • New Visual Studio 2010 scheme/theme, available out-of-the-box


Organization chart control


  • The control now supports expanding/collapsing of its root nodes. The latest version demo is here.


SlideShow enhancements


  • NEW: 10 new slide transitions/effects added

Earlier release notes


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